Best pharmacist in town!

Nishant is hands down the best pharmacist any town or city could ever ask for. Ladysmith should be very proud to have a outstanding citizen and pharmacist like nishant. Nishant goes above and beyond for every person he meets. When covid hit my son was in the hospital with kawasaki disease right before Christmas and when we left the hospital and had to go see nishant for my sons prescriptions some weren’t covered and only could afford 1 of them at the time,Nishant gave us all his medications and said don’t worry about the medications take your son home and get him better and pay me when you can. Nishant is a kind pure soul who will do anything for his town’s folks. The difference between Nishant and any other pharmacist is Nishant sees you as a human who requires help where others I’ve dealt with treat you like a dollar bill. If your using I.D.A or pharmasave as your choice you seriously need to take your prescriptions to Nishant at Gaurdian.
My family has moved to mission and we can’t find anyone near as good as nishant and he will be greatly missed by our family. No other pharmacist comes even close to Nishants level of greatness

Amanda Defrane

Very happy with Hillside Pharmacy!

Nishant and his staff are always friendly. He greets me by name when enter, answers all my questions, and goes out of his way to see I have the medication I need. He is active and giving to the community. Hillside is a wonderful asset to Ladysmith. Strictly a pharmacy – no food, clothing, books, or gifts. Rates a ten out of 5 in my book.

Shirley Reid

Fast, courteous, and friendly service.

I have used Hillside Family Pharmacy since they opened. Fast, courteous, and friendly service. I drive from out of town to use them even though there are closer pharmacies to me. Love the service and knowledge they provide.

Peggy Wildsmith

I highly recommend them.
Hillside pharmacy is the best pharmacy I have ever dealt with. they are professional, helpful, knowledgeable and kind.
Jane Hope
Highly recommend!
Nishant the pharmacist is very thorough and professional, been using them since they opened and highly recommend!
Irene Baker
I’ve had nothing but excellence customer service and very reasonable pricing from Nishant and his team. What an excellent example of a community pharmacy that feels like they genuinely care.
Shannon Dames
Want a place where the people listen to you and take the time to get to know you and your needs, go no further than Hillside Family Pharmacy. Incredible people that actually care and give the one on one care you are looking for. Location is fantastic too as you can see your doc and fill out your prescription in one stop.
Nita Hind Warner
The people are so friendly that I don’t have need to go else where, I have been confined to home for the last few years and don’t go Shopping myself but my daughters look after my shopping needs They feel the service at hillside. Is super and always enjoy the experience.
Jean Marshall
What a great place to fill a prescription! I told the pharmacist that I was very sick and he had it filled in 10 minutes! Awesome customer service! Thanks very much for accommodating my needs!
Sue Stevens
Amazing Pharmacist.
Best Prices! Can’t really say enough good things
Tracey Aimee Lynn Kempf
I love this pharmacy. I have been in Ladysmith for four years, and I finally have a pharmacist who knows me and my medications, something that is hugely important when one has a chronic illness! The service is amazing, and so personable, and was that way right from my first visit. Prices are excellent, but I would choose this pharmacy even if it had higher prices, because I feel so well looked after here.
Toni Corden Bowen
The most helpful and knowledgable pharmacist I have dealt with in town. Can’t beat the prices either!
Katie Blogg

They have the friendliest staff, very helpful and super quick!!!

Denise Cnossen

Very reliable, friendly, and helpful. They always get my prescription correct.

Bonnie Cook

Best service I have ever received at a pharmacy. Highly recommend.

Brenda Beston

Amazing staff, friendly environment always ! Highly recommend Nishant and his staff for all your needs😊

Bonnie Davidson

I’ve been going here for years now, very knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to answer any questions

Deanna Kozak